Introduction: Insole Shoe Generator

Hi, I will be showing you how to make an Insole Shoe Generator that produces real electricity!!! When I tested it, It was producing a total of 20-25 volts (I weigh 98pounds). This Project uses piezos to make electricity. The more you weigh, the more electricity you'll get!! My mom weighs 145 pounds and got 58 volts when she stepped on it. If you liked this vote this instructable in the Wearables Contest and favorite it. Good Luck!!

Warning: Not responsible for any burn by the hot glue or any death to an insect if shocked. Fatal to Insects!!


To make this, you'll need a few things: Hot glue gun with glue or superglue, soldering iron with solder, at least 3 piezos, electrical wire, dice or other harder foam, at least 4 transducers, some Myler capacitors, and some acrylic plastic.

Optional: Voltmeter and grounding wire (can be used instead of the electrical wire for strength). You can also use a sheet of cardstock to act as a protector if you are soldering and hot-gluing on a nice piece of furniture of countertop (HIGHLY-RECOMMENDED).

Step 1: Soldering

You will need to Solder a transducer bridge. You can do that by soldering 4 transducers into a square shape. After that, grab some red and black wire that is 4 inches in length and the 3 piezos. Then solder the red wire to the white center. Then, Solder the black wire to the brass on the side of the white center.

Note: Pay close attention to how the Transducers are set up in the bridge.

Step 2: Cutting

You will need to cut the foam into 1cm by 1cm blocks and then put them aside for later. Then Cut the acrylic in the shape of your foot but still fits in the shoe.

Step 3: Glueing

Use whatever glue you chose and glue the 3 piezos in a triangle to the acrylic shaped foot. Then glue the foam to the center of the white on the piezo. Then glue the Bridge/Square of Transducers to the acrylic foot and out of the way of the pushing mechanism.

Step 4: Soldering Again

Solder all the piezos in parallel. We want them to be like this because they will cancel each other out since piezos are AC. Now get two 5-inch wires(red and black) and solder the red to the center white thing. Then solder the black to the brass outside. Then attach these wires to the bridge. After that, solder the Myler capacitor to the bridge diode where the 2 wires aren't. Lastly, Solder a 5-inch red and black wire to the Myler capacitor's ports.

Note: make sure the wires are on the opposite side from each other on the bridge.

Step 5: Finished

Now you can step on your shoe generator and make electricity. Use the voltmeter to measure the voltage when you step on it. Happy Trials!! Thanks For Reading!! Follow if you want more...

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