Introduction: Getting Into Hot Water

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  How to install a camping propane hot water heater inside a modern outhouse .This is a  propane hot and cold  water heater i purchased from Amazon . I will show you how  to install it inside a modern outhouse safely. Its called a Triton camping chef 10L portable hot and cold water heater.  It comes with all the hardware to install.I already owned the tools.All the tin duct was purchased at the local hardware store.

     There is a warning on the box that this is for *OUTSIDE USE ONLY* because there is not a way to release the carbon monoxide  gas that the propane leaves behind after being burned . So i came up with this idea to remove the carbon monoxide gases by using duct work through the side wall and out of harms way.

If you would like to see the modern outhouse and cabin and how it was built please click on the links ..  .

Step 1: Mounting the Heater

The first step was  to mount the heater to the wall. I measured  Five foot  up the wall from the floor  which is where the top of the water heater will be mounted. I then installed the four mounting screws to secure the water heater to the wall.

Step 2: Installing Gas and Water Lines

1st picture ~  Shows the three  connections that have to be made for the hot water heater to function properly.

2nd picture~ shows installing the propane line to the gas input .
 3rd picture~ shows installing the water output hose which goes to the shower head.

  The third line is the water input which will be connected when the pex water line is finished .

Step 3: Tools Needed for Pex Water Line Installation

1st pic ~ Shows the pex tubing cutter  and the clamping tool.

2nd ~ Shows the fittings and clamps i used for the installation.

Step 4: How to Use a Pex Clamping Tool Illustration

1st~ open up the clamping tool all the way.
 2nd~ install the nipple end of the clamp in the clamping tool
3rd~ squeeze the handles on the clamping tool just enough to hold the clamp in place .
4th~ Place the clamp over a piece of pex tubing and then squeeze the handles all the way closed . The tool is spring activated so it releases itself when the clamp is fully clamped .

Step 5: Pex Water Line Installation

I used 3/4  pex water line to the hot water heater using a   tee fitting. Then i thought it would be a good idea to have a shut off valve in the line also so i installed that next.
  Then i installed the main water line to the heater .

Step 6: Duct Work

I bought a thimble ,that goes through the wall a 90 degree elbow and a 2 foot extension piece to go through the wall also.

Step 7: Installing the Pipe Through the Wall

First thing is to cut a 5 inch hole through the wall to fit the thimble .
Next  was to install the thimble then the 90 degree elbow then the 2 foot extension to go through the wall .
Final step was to snap on the end cap.

Step 8: Start Up.

 Installing the batteries to ignite the propane burner. The wand controls when the burner comes on and off.

Step 9: Boo Boos

Tin cuts easy .....

Step 10: Video

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