Introduction: Installing New Steps to a Porch

Here is a handy instructable on how to install a new stair case onto an existing front pouch. In this case the home is a ranch built into a hill with the driveway being at basement level. The only way onto the front pouch was from basement level driveway. We decided to add this stair case to allow access to the pouch from the yard.

This is a 4 stair stair case.

Step 1: Acquire Lumber to Build the Stair Case

You can find all these materials at your local lumber yard.

This uses pre-made stair boards. They can be purchased in 3 stair, 4 stair, and 5 stair kits.

In this instructable we will be using 3 of the 4 stair kits.

Along with the runner boards 2 2X12X12's need to be purchased to make the actual stairs

2 1X6X12's also will be needed to be backers on the stairs

and 1 4X4X8 for added supports.

Step 2: Prepare the Porch

Prepare the porch to receive the stairs.

Measure out the with of the stairs you would like to add, and remove any railings, trussing, or any other items that will prevent the installation of the stairs.

Step 3: Prepare the Ground

In the area where the stairs will touch the ground, it will need to be leveled and stabilized to ensure the durability and stability of the stair case.

Remove lose soil where necessary to level the area, then tramp down on the soil to compact it for added stability. Use a level to ensure that the ground is properly prepared.

Step 4: Cut the Boards to Size

Cut the backer boards and the stairs into 4ft lengths to be installed to the stair runner boards.

A miter saw is the best tool to use to perform the cut.

Remember while cutting to account for the width of the blade. For example the miter saw being used has a 1/8th inch blade so only one mark can be made at a time for the 4ft cut. If two marks are used, one will be cut at 1/8th inch too short.

Step 5: Assemble the Stair Case

Using 3 inch screws install the cut wood to the stair runner boards. Start by placing a lose backing board onto the back of the runners.

Then add the stair board and screw it in place with 2 screws per running board.

The outer runner boards should be exactly 4 ft apart one end to the other.

The middle runner board should be centered at 2 feet.

Once the stair is screwed into place, the back board can be secured with 3 inch screws as well.

Once all the stairs are screwed together it is time to move the assembly to its final resting place, and move to the next step.

Step 6: Add the Stairs to the Deck

Move the stairs into position, and use a level to determine that the stairs are in the best location.

Move the the edge up and down until the stairs are level. Then screw the stairs into the deck using 3 inch screws.

It might be necessary to prop up the bottom of the stairs using rocks/gravel or hard clay to level out the stair case's interface with the ground. Once secured to the porch then move to the next step to add the 4x4 supports.

Step 7: Add Supports

Measure the distance from the top stair to the ground, and cut 3 4x4 posts to that size.

Secure the 4x4s to each runner between the stairs and the ground using 3 inch screws.

This will add additional support to the stairs.

Congratulations, the stairs are now complete.