Introduction: Instant Pot Whole Potatoes

How do you thank your brother for thinking about you?

Why you make an Instructable for him of course.



Instant Pot pressure cooker

Steamer basket (The reason for this Instructable)

1 cup water

A large bowl

A fork

Step 1: The Reason for This Instructable

I was watching the TV a few days ago when a text came in from my brother.

He was in Winners and found this steamer basket. He bought himself one before Christmas but there was only one available. So a week later he sees another and contacts me to see if I want one. What a nice guy!

Step 2: Fill the Basket

As I fill the basket I lightly tap each potato with a fork a bunch of times. My hope is, that will stop them from cracking. The basket fits the 6qt Instant Pot perfectly. Add 1 cup of water and close the lid. Set the steam release valve to the closed position.

Step 3: Set the Timer

Press manual and then press the down arrow until the timer reads 10. Now check your email or something, you have around 15 minutes to kill. When the pot beeps, release the pressure manually by turning the pressure release valve to the open position.

Step 4: Open and Test

Once the pressure is released open the lid. Remove a potato and cut it in half. Each variety of potato cooks differently. These need just a touch more cooking time to reach the the required texture. There a bit to crunchy in the center. Replace the lid. The release valve must be open and you will have to press down on the lid for a few seconds before it will turn into place. Now set the timer to zero. Yes you can set it to zero. This will allow the pot to pressurize again. I think that will be enough to get the texture I'm looking for. Once it comes to pressure it will beep. Open the release valve and remove the lid when it unlocks.

Step 5: Open and Remove Basket

The silicone handle is amazing. I removed the lid and was immediately able to lift the handle and remove the basket. Bare handed! Move those gorgeous potatoes to a bowl.

Step 6: Clean the Basket

There wasn't much cleaning to do. Just do it as soon as you can or the pieces may stick on.

Step 7: Use the Cracked Ones First

Some potatoes cracked even though I poked them. I'll use those first. I like to have a bowl of cooked potatoes in the fridge at all times. They make a great snack any time.

Step 8: Add One to Your Next Breakfast

I like to use Instant Pot potatoes as home fries.