Introduction: Instructable Hernandez

It is the project Ecuador, i did it beacuse i like a lot Galapagos islands and in general the beach, and i did it in thinkercard. First i put a circle to represent the sand, Then i put a marine star, then i put a blue fotted booby and for last i put the letters that say Galapagos.

Step 1:

First i put pie chart and i put a sandy color for represent the sand

Step 2:

Then i go to basic shapes and choose the star option to represent the variation fo marine animals in Galapagos

Step 3:

Then i did the blue fotted booby to do it i chose the shape generator feature option, then i go to the second page and choose the rounded windmill blade

Step 4:

For last i put the tittle, for people can recognized what my draw was about .

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