Introduction: Instructables Crossword - Puzzle of Puzzles

Instructables has been a wonderful new find. I'm totally thrilled to see the variety of talented, skillful challenges posted out here. The participants community is very creative and enthusiastic. Everyday is a new learning and I enjoy my fellow competitors. Instructables challenges is my inspiration for this puzzles contest. In this simple and handy Crossword Puzzle of Puzzles for the recently held 25 contests, I will share the following

1. How I reached out and laid down the recently posted challenges on Instructables

2. Share the link where I created a free and online crossword puzzle

3. Share the puzzle sheet

4. Share the answer sheet

Hope you enjoy creating and completing this puzzle.

Good luck!


1. Nothing if you are already reading this page :-) It shows you are connected to the internet via a device as Desktop, PC, Laptop or a mobile phone and have landed on the right page.

Step 1: Visit Https://

This is the page you may have visited already or if you are new you are very welcome to this page. It's creative, it's fun and it's a lot learning. Look at the list of contests recently held by Instructables. See the image 1 for your reference. A bunch of these contests are captured on this page.

Step 2: Create the Crossword Puzzle

For creating a free online crossword puzzle, visit

Enter the details as shown in image 1. Try to solve this puzzle from the list of contests you just ready in the previous step. Hope you get the answers from the simple and easy clues shared in the pdf.

Step 3: Instructables Crossword Puzzle - Answer Sheet

I hope you already have all the answers to the 25 questions. If you think you need help, refer the answer sheet as shown in the image 1.

Hope you have won this Instructables Crossword 'Puzzle of Puzzles'

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