Introduction: Instructables Tree

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Every product I made to publish in instructables used to be thrown out by my mom due to lack of
storage and cabinets in my home. I always wanted to make creative invention which is worthy to hold all creative product I have made and something that can showcase my talent and skills. I am going to name this tree
'THE INSTRUCTABLES TREE' as it is going to hold and showcase most of the products I published on instructables. Making this tree is going to be a lot of fun and full of animation.
Lets Gooooo.......... 🤗


1) Cardboard.
2) Newspapers.
3) Glue.
4) Scissors / Paper cutter.
5) Scale / Measuring tape.
6) Paint brush.
7) Paint according to your choice.
8) Pen/ Pencil.
9) Drill.
10) Nails / Screws.

Step 1: Learn Some Concepts.

Being an architect is a dream come true for me.
I have read many books on different monuments. Every book I have read consisted of a fact about TRIANGLES, That triangles are the strongest shapes. The image you see above is the proof of this. I did this experiment using 2 books which you have to imagine as 2 landscapes and you have to make a bridge using paper connecting these landscapes.
As bridge first I have taken a plain paper direct from the notebook as the bridge.
To test this I took my speaker as a heavy vehicle. Then i put this vehicle in the middle of the bridge. You wil observe that the bridge deformed easily.
Now lets try making bridge using triangle, first fold the paper making frills as shown in the image.
Now again put the same weight on the bridge and observe the difference..........

Step 2: The Blueprint

Now let's plan how our tree will look like after it is made.
Remember, To give your tree a stable base you have to start making your tree from the corner of your room.
Make your dream tree and bring your imagination on this paper.
But, just don't get carried away.
You also have to make this tree out of cardboard......... 😅

Step 3: Cutting.

1) Take cardboard.
2) cut strips of 5 inches breadth of cardboard and length according to your design.

Step 4: Pasting.

1) Take the strips.
2) Using glue, stick together 2 or more strips depending on the thickness and thinness you want the cardboard to be in your design of the layers...

Step 5: Pasting 2.

1) Take a strip.
2) Make lines along the length of the cardboard strip like in a notebook (gap between the two lines should be 3 inches).
3) Make these lines on both sides of the cardboard strip.
4) Using scale and pencil make parallel lines (distance between lines should be same as on the cardboard strip) and name them A, B, A, B.......
5) place the cardboard strip on lines you have made matching both the lines on cardboard strip and on paper.
6) Now make the cuts (not very deep) on lines A only.
7) Now turn the strip and make the cuts on lines B.
8) Stick the other cardboard strip on it. Repeat the process till the desired thickness.

Step 6: On Wall.

1) Draw the design on the wall same as you have drown in the paper.
2) Using drill make holes on the desired place.
3) Put nails/screws in the holes and place the cardboard strips according to the requirement ( keep the thickness and thinness in mind).
4) Make the tree using the same steps.

Step 7: Cover the Tree.

1) Take newspapers, water in a bowl, glue, paint brush.
2) Tear the newspaper in small pieces.
3) Add water and glue together.
4) Using brush and diluted glue put the layer of newspaper on the tree specially on the joints, edges and in front side of the tree.

Step 8: Paint and Final Touch.

Paint it using the color according to your choice and after it gets dry decorate it withe the things you want to put on this tree.........

Step 9: Yoho!!!!!!!!!

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