Introduction: Instructions to Build 8x8x8 LED Cube

This LED Cube is a cool device that enables you to see in three dimensions, and has 512 LED's for 8 layers of 8 rows and 8 columns (8x8x8).

This work requires a lot of soldering. It will be very interesting for sure. You can just follow my instructions to complete this build.

LED cube kit can be purchased from this link

Step 1: Gather the Requirements

Step 2: Draw a Table (7x7) With Squares of 2 Centimetres Each Sides

This is the first step in preparing the fixture. I may have more squares but a table with 7 rows and 7 columns were enough.

Step 3: Stick the Paper to the Cardboard or Ply-wood

Step 4: Make Indentation With Steel Scriber for Easy Drilling

Step 5: Use 5 Millimetre Drill to Make Holes

To accommodate the 5 mm LED's

Step 6: Insert the LED's & Make Sure the Cathode Terminal Is Aligned Out Side

Cathode terminals can be easily identified as shorter

Step 7: Trim and Bend the Cathode Terminals

Step 8: Solder All the Cathode Terminals

Step 9: Bend the Anode Terminal Using a Spacer of Thickness 2 Millimetre

Step 10: Solder the Anode Terminals

Step 11: After Soldering, Carefully Remove the LED's From the Fixture

Step 12: Prepare 8 Units in Total

Step 13: Carefully Insert the LED's to the Female Header Pin's on the Board

Step 14: ​Connect the Common Cathode Terminals of Each Layer (please Find the Notes in the Image)

Step 15: Connect All the Common Cathode of Each Layer to the Hoard

Step 16: The Build Is Complete Now. You Can Power Up the Cube (5 Volt or Through USB)

Step 17: Link to the Software and Program Codes links Click here (USB to TTL drivers, keil, STC ISP and others)

gearbest links Click here (.hex and c files)

Step 18: This Video Will Be Helpful

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