Introduction: Intel Edison - FlameFire Alarm

Install a fire alarm in the kitchen or anywhere in the house will be an advantage of safety for your home. A small fire/flame can trigger it and the range of it can reach 20CM. This mini fire alarm may avoid some tiny accidents that actually can turn into a big accident.

Step 1: Components Required

1× Digital Buzzer Module
1× Flame sensor
1× IO Expansion Shield
1× Intel® Edison with Arduino Breakout Kit

Step 2: Connection

Connect the IO Expansion Shield to the Breakout Kit

Digital Buzzer Module --> Digital Pin 8

Flame Sensor --> Analog Pin 0

Step 3: Coding

float sinVal;

int toneVal;

void setup(){

pinMode(8, OUTPUT); //Set the buzzer pin as output

Serial.begin(9600); //Set
the baud to 9600


void loop(){

int sensorValue = analogRead(0);//Read the Analog value from Flame



if(sensorValue < 1023){ // If
the value is less than 1023, the fire exists and let the buzzer run.

for(int x=0; x<180; x++){

//Change from degree to radian
using sin() function

sinVal = (sin(x*(3.1412/180)));

//Create the frequency for the

toneVal = 2000+(int(sinVal*1000));

//Run the buzzer.

tone(8, toneVal);



} else { // If the value is more
than 1023, the fire doesn’t exists and let the buzzer stop.

noTone(8); //Turn off the buzzer



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