Introduction: Intense Agility Ladder Drill HIIT Workout

This intense 10 min agility ladder HIIT training is a huge calorie burn workout especially if you repeat this 3 times. If you push your max during this training, you can easily burn 10 to 15 calories per min. At the end of this cardio, you will be drenched in sweat and completely out of breath. Agility ladder is one of my favorite forms of fun cardio training.

There are total 10 exercises in this interval workout. It uses my favorite interval format, 15 sec rest and 45 sec work. Plank variations, squat variations, and many other full body body weight plyo exercises are used in this training. For this reason you train both cardio and strength in this intense HIIT workout.

You can perform this outdoor or indoor based upon your preferences and the weather outside.

Below are the 10 exercises:

1. 0:42, High Knee Side Shuffles + 1 Floor Touch

2. 1:42, Plank Toe Jacks

3. 2:41, Ladder Squat Jumps

4. 4:04, Ladder Plank Shoulder Taps

5. 5:03, Hop Scotch, one side first

6. 6:03, Hop Scotch, the other side

7. 7:04, Ladder Plank Hops (2 Oblique + 1 In/Out)

8. 8:03, Ladder Heisman Runs

9. 9:04, 180˚C Rotation Jumps + 1 Squat In/Out Jump

10. 10:04, 8 Criss Cross Jumps + 2 180˚C Squat Jumps

Rest for 30 sec then repeat everything for 2 to 3 times.

Hopefully you find this workout helpful and if you happen to enjoy agility ladder training, below is another 12 min agility ladder football drill for speed and cardio:

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