Introduction: Interactive LED Induction Device

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Are you tired of a monotonous wall of lights? Want to experience the fun of interacting with lights?

Like a glowing mirror, the light follows your movements.

So today let us have a discussion about how to make such an Induction Wall.

Step 1: Prepare the LED Light Panel

The size of module is about 8 x 4 inch(20cm x 10cm), there are thirty-two 5mm high-brightness LED beads on the module.

■ Board thickness:1.6mm

■ Module thickness:2.8cm

■ Mounting Hole:4 x Φ3mm

■ Bolt:M3 x 11mm-double-screw bolt

■ Screw:M3 x 6mm-Stainless steel round head screw

■ Module weight:158g/piece

Step 2: Assemble Lamp Board and Connect Power

Modules can be seamlessly pieced together horizontally and vertically into an array of rectangles of any size, such as an interactive wall or just horizontally pieced together to make an interactive light bar 4 inches (10cm) wide.

【 Power supply 】
■ Input voltage: 12 V DC, regulated

■ Current requirement: 400 mA capacity per panel

■ Idle current: When the LEDs do not glow, the operating current is 50mA (typical)

■ Power Interface: 5.5-2.1mm Power socket or KF126-5.08mm spacing terminal input

The module needs a dc 12V power supply. It is recommended that the operating voltage be between 7 and 12V. Also, be careful not to connect two power supplies to the same module at the same time.

Step 3: Test the Lighting Effect

We have a remote control that can adjust the delay of the light.

Change the mode to test, check whether any LED lamp is not bright, or the induction time is too long.

If you have a large number of lights, check the voltage of the power supply.

Step 4: Final Assembly

We use near-infrared proximity detector, the sensor range normal 20cm, need the environment no direct sunlight, no shade on the surface.

So if you need a cap, the material should not be too thick and the distance should not exceed 10cm.

And it can work under most transparent, frosted, translucent glass or plastic. It is recommended that the distance between the covering and the lamp bead should be less than or equal to 5cm.

You can make interactive walls, interactive tables for the bar or whatever you like.

Step 5: How to Get Them Easier?

Maybe someone could say, It is too much trouble to make this.

And the circuit board design takes a lot of time.

That's OK. Now it is easier to get them from the link below. And you can customize it by telling us your thoughts.

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