Introduction: Intermittent Motion Geneva Wheel. I Made It in TechShop

     Generva wheel is widely known mechanism to produce intermittent motion.  Though the input from a motor at constant speed is continuous.  The motor driving the driver wheel will rotate the driven wheel at intermittent motion.  The one we selected to make is a 4 to 1 ratio.   The driver wheel will 4 revolutions and the driven wheel will make 1 revolution.  Each quarter turn is intermittent.  There will be a period of no movement follow by a swift quarter turn.

     To make intermittent motion using Geneva Wheel.

    This is 1st test for my Geneva Wheel project.  So I like to use some scrap plywood and cut them on Epilog laser cutter.  I will use super glue to join the shaft of the driver and driven wheel.


    The project is a success.  We are able to produce the parts and do intermittent motion.

Lesson Learned.
    * There are several way to design a 4:1 ratio intermittent wheel.  There likely to be pros and cons.  The pros on this one is that it has a big platform that one could put an object to take picture.   The shaft of the driven wheel become too small.  At this time, we produced a functional Geneva Wheel.  In the next intructable, I will add more variations and provide some design analysis.
    * Though, the driven wheel originally shown in Wickipedia would work, it require some modification to be functional.  The revised drawing is shown last.  
    * To be durable, it is best to make the driver wheel in 3D printer.  The center shaft also is best 3D printed.
    * Overall, this is a great way to do 4:1 ratio.  It occupies the smallest footprint.  This Geneva Wheel has its own unique characteristics and functionality.