Introduction: Introduction

Hello  people! This is going to be a tutorial on how to draw a moon and stars using the deviant art, and certain tools from that cite. It shouldn't be hard so I hope it's not too bad.

Step 1: The First C

So you're going to want to start with an awkward C shape using, well I used the Heat drawing tool but depending on the effect you want you can use whatever tool you would like to. This is going to be the start of your moon. You an just take your mouse, or your finger and draw an elongated C.  

Step 2: The Second C

For this step all you have to do is make another, smaller C, in front of and connecting to your first. This should create your moon shape. I went over my second line a couple of times just because of the way I wanted mine to look, but you can do whatever.

Step 3: Coloring

For this step I used the heating tool for my brush and I started at the top so it would fade out at the bottom. I'm not quite sure what shade of blue I used but I think you can figure it out.  So as I said before I started my brush strokes at the top of my two C's and then slowly moved down to get the fading affect. 

Step 4: First Star

For this step I used the Nightmare tool to create this little star, and basically all I did was make a really small circle with my mouse using this tool. It shouldn't take too long and it should be pretty easy.

Step 5: Finished Project.

This is my finished project and basically all I did from the last step to this one is I added more stars using the same technique and tool, so you guys can use different colors or tools, but this is my moon and stars picture. I hope you like it!