Introduction: Invert the Planter for Hydroponics

Here I am showing how to create a cheap hydroponics planter from a standard plastic planter.
This addresses the basic requirements of a hydroponics planter.

1. Good reservoir

2. Basket holder

3. Blocking sunlight from the nutrient solution

Step 1: Materials

Basically I found a very square planter with a runoff water tray. Standard cost comes to INR 60 approximately $1.

As I was coming home from the garden store I covered the planter with the tray for a easy hold. Them it made me think, why not invert the planter and make a hydroponic planter.

Step 2: Making It

So I came home and brought out my old net pots from previous hydroponic projects.

Placed them on the tray and found that I can arrange 4 of them. So marked with a marker and get to cutting. I don't have access to drill so I did the cutting with a basic cutter. Just to remember to cut smaller than the marked hole or else the baskets will fall in.

Another thing I did was to cover the surplus water holes with applying m-seal epoxy from both sides.

Step 3: Finally

So we are done. Next I put some coco-peat in the baskets. Fill the reservoir with nutrient, sow spinach seeds (5 in each basket) and placed the planter in a bright sunny place.

Step 4: Updated Step

This is how it looks with my plants now. Updated with an image from March 2019.

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