Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

Are you looking for a low price easy (easy enough) project for your Tony Stark costume? Well, this may be the project for you. The instructions for this were originally from TheRenderQ on YouTube ( I’ve made a few modifications.


Blank CD plus clear CD found at the bottom of the spindle.

Transparency Paper (1 sheet)

Stick on Vinyl (1 sheet)

Arc Reactor Pattern Printout (included with pics above)

Fairy lights (I used a 7 foot string)

Name tag magnets

Electrical tape

Scotch tape


Straight edge


Step 1: Making a Pattern

First step is making the pattern. Now you want to take the pattern and tape the transparency paper over it, so you can cut it. When it’s lined up, use the blade and straight edge to cut it out. Take your time and when you’re finished it should look like something in the final picture up there.

Step 2: Cutting the Vinyl

For this step, place the CD on the back of the vinyl paper. Measure where you’ll need to cut. I cut a square that will cover the CD with room to spare, we want to make sure the entire CD is covered.

Step 3: Creating the Arc Design

When you cut the vinyl out, place the CD on the sticky side. Place the transparent arc pattern over the covered CD. Make sure it’s lined up. Tape the sides of the vinyl to he pattern. Using your blade and the straight edge, cut the vinyl out (save for the next step, if you want). Now this doesn’t have to perfect, as it’ll be under your shirt, but try your best, as the light will shine through.

Step 4: Measuring the Lights.

This step, you’ll be measuring your fairy lights. I went with a bright blue 7 foot string. What you want to do is place the activator switch in your pocket, then run the lights up. Decide where you want to place it on your chest. The next light down, wrap around with the black vinyl (or electrical tape if you discarded the vinyl) around the lights from below the arc area to the activator. This will make it so no light shines through your shirt. Except for that in the reactor.

Step 5: Placing the Lights

With the lights above the ones you taped off are now fair game. Spread them evenly behind the black on the cd (plastic side, not vinyl side, as not to damage the vinyl). Use scotch tape to attach the lights, keeping the bulbs behind the vinyl. It’s ok if the wire shows in the clear, this will all be under your shirt. It should look like the lit up picture when done.

Step 6: Making the Back.

Take the blank CD (make sure it’s solid!) and on the title side attach the name tag magnet and use electrical tape to cover the hole and clear part surrounding it.

Step 7: Bringing It All Together.

Tape the two sides together with electrical tape, making sure no light gets out. Make it so the magnet is above the spindle hole, long sideways. As this will be easier to adjust under your shirt.

Step 8: Enjoy!

Use the magnet to place under your shirt at your desired placement and be the envy of everyone at the party (or convention!)