Iron Man Arc Reactor

Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

Hey everyone,

I am a big Iron Man fan so I decided to make a 3D- printable version of Tony Stark's Arc Reactor.

If you like it pls vote for me in the 123-Design Contest.

Let me know whether you like it or not.

Step 1: Outer Circle

1) Start by creating 2 Circles:
    1. 40 mm radius
    2. 32 mm radius         
   and a Polygon with 10 edges and a radius of 36 mm.

2) Add a 2.5 mm circle to each of the 10 edges (for led lightning) of the Polygon and remove the Polygon.

3) Extrude the largest circle for 12 mm and then Extrude the inner one with the "cut" option. Extrude all the 2.5 mm circles for 7.5 mm (cut).

4) Add a square with the measures 14mm x 12 mm and 3 ones with 12 mm on one side.

5) Extrude the big square for 14 mm up and -2 mm down. Then extrude the 2 outer squares for 14mm up and -2 mm down (cut). Move the middle square down for 1 mm and extrude it for -1 mm (cut). Then move it up for 14 mm and Extrude it for 1 mm (cut).

6) Copy the first shape and hide one copy. Then select the Extrude tool and select the remaining circle and use the cut tool for -14 mm.

7) Copy paste and rotate it 10 times.

Step 2:

1) Add 4 circles like I did in the picture

2) Extrude the 2nd smallest circle and extrude it for 6 mm and then extrude the smallest circle (cut). Then extrude the biggest circle for 3 mm and cut it with the 2nd biggest.

3) Add the shape I did and copy, paste and rotate it for 10 ° until the circle is full. Now extrude all of them.

4) Draw the  a rectangle (5x15) and the other shape that goes over 3 holes. copy paste it and rotate it once for 120 ° and once for -120°.

5) Extrde the sketches (join) for 3 mm

6) Use the combine tool

7) Draw 5 circles and extrude them (everyone is 2mm wide)

8) redraw the solid for stabilisation

9) Draw the bottom plate

Step 3: Finish

1) Add another cylinder under the reactor where you can put more leds under and under that another one for all the electronics.

2) Make the holder pieces for the cylinders axtrude them and copy/paste them 6 times.

3) Prepare for 3D-Printing

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    It would have been a very cool design if you hadnt copied it from james bruton on youtube^^
    but the way how you copied it, is awesome!!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I agree, but this version wasn't done perfectly like Bruton's version. I don't think the rings go together correctly(going off of the pictures). But I must admit that you are great with using the 123D program! I'm to accustom to Inventor.


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Lol! I have never heard of this guy before. The only reference I had was this picture:
    Can you send me the video-link of this guy ?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction
    that is the direct link