Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor

Make this cheap and easy arc reactor and go as the casual Tony Stark for Halloween!

Note: I used a 3D printer, but it is not necessary.


1. Electroluminescent panel

2. EL Wire Inverter

3. Access to 3D printer (Not necessary, but makes this item more awesome)

4. Felt

5. Elastic

6. Silver Paint, Brushes

7. Scissors

8. Glue

9. AAA batteries

10. Needle and thread

11. Black Sabbath shirt

Step 1: Create the CAD File, 3D Print Part

I tried to attach the .stl file of my arc reactor. If that doesn't work, I'm sure there are other similar files on

Step 2: Paint and Prep

I painted my reactor with silver acrylic paint, it takes a few coats to completely cover the 3D printed plastic. This also helps to fill in any gaps in the plastic.

Cut the EL panel to the correct size. The great thing about EL panels is that you can cut them to any shape as long as the connecter is not cut off. I left a gap to account for this in my CAD model.

Cut felt to fit on the back of the reactor.

Cut four long pieces of elastic. The elastic will be used for attaching the reactor to your body.

Step 3: Sew Straps and Glue

Sew the four elastic straps into the slots in the face of the reactor.

Glue the EL panel so the connector fits in the slot and the side that lights up faces the triangle pattern.

Glue the felt to the back of the part (this is just for added comfort and protection for the light)

The arc reactor is now finished!!!

Step 4: Cut the Shirt

Yeahhh sorry about this... I tried to sand my shirt but you just couldn't see the detail of the reactor under the print on the shirt.

Basically, you just cut a hole in the shirt that is slightly smaller than your reactor. This way, the reactor stays in the correct position and does not slide behind the shirt.

Step 5: Attaching Battery Pack

To do this, I just glued a clip to the back of the battery pack and clipped it to my belt.

That's it!

Step 6: Instead of 3D Printing

Like I said before, this awesome arc reactor can be created without using a 3D printer, since most people do not have access to one.

Basically, you will use an Exacto knife to cut out the pattern of the reactor into cardboard.

Glue the cardboard on top of the EL panel, and figure out a way to attach it to your shirt (you could probably just glue it to the shirt).

All of the other steps are the same! Enjoy your new arc reactor!

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