Iron Man Arc Reactor Super Cheap and Easy

Introduction: Iron Man Arc Reactor Super Cheap and Easy

How to make an iron man arc reactor for under $10

Step 1: Simple and Cheap Arc Reactor

Materials I used:
Blue peanut butter jar lid
I battery powered LED fairy house light
Fishing line
Fishing swivel
Notebook paper
Hot glue gun
Wood craft stick

I traced the pattern of the reactor onto cardboard and cut it out. You can download a free pattern online if you just google it. I glued both pieces together, lining up the triangles. Then cut out and glued a piece of solid white paper to the back off the cardboard. Next I turned the jar lid upside down so that the fairy lights would sit inside. I cut a hole just big enough to feed the lights through and glued the switch to the back side of the lid so you can turn it on and off still. I then cut 4 pieces of the wood craft stick so that they were just below the rim of the lid, and glued them in. This is what the cardboard will sit on since it’s just a grunt smaller in diameter as the lid. I got glued the cardboard to those wooden sticks. I then flipped it over and glued a fishing swivel to the back and ran fishing line through it to pretty much make it a necklace. Now just adjust the length and you’re all set! The blue lid really gives it a nice glow and it shines bright through grey and black shirts.

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    Awesome arc reactor. I especially like that it is simple enough that I can make it with matierals that I already have.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks! It’s super easy. Took less than an hour for the entire build