Introduction: 3D Printing an Iron Man Helmet

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Here is how you can make your own awesome 3d printed iron man helmet.


primer, paint, 3d printer, sander, tape, etc.

Step 1: Printing the Parts

I downloaded a iron man helmet file and printed out the parts on my ender 5.

Step 2: Remove Supports

I removed supports on my iron man helmet.

Step 3: Sanding

I used a 5" random orbital sander so the parts are smooth and clean.

Step 4: Adding Led Eyes and Magnetizing

I used a soldering iron to add the magnets and I connected the wires to the magnets so the eyes would light up when you took the faceplate on and off.

Step 5: Taping Off

I used blue tape to tape the wires and eyes and magnets off so no primer and spray paint will get on them.

Step 6: Priming

I used sandable primer so that I can sand the parts down and make them smooth I had to wood filler and do more coats.

Step 7: Painting

Now I just did a few light coats as a base coat on the crown and jaw and I spray painted the faceplate gold and the eyes a dark grey.

Step 8: Taping Again

I taped off all the parts that are red on the helmet then went to spray paint the gray.

Step 9: Painting Gray

I did a few light coats of grey spray paint.

Step 10: Finished Product

This is what it looks like once it is all finished.

Step 11: Spray Painting Supplies

I used these spray paints throughout the helmet

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