Introduction: Iron Man - Perler Edition

Pearler beads are sometimes a bit time consuming, but they can be very fun and really awesome looking! In this instructable, I hope that I can show you the steps I took to creating my perler bead Iron Man Mark XX Python. The reason I didn't recreate the original Iron Man was because I didn't have enough red beads. This pearler is based off of one of MANY of Tony Stark's collection.

Step 1: Starting Off

Before you start your Iron Man, I've created a list of the things need for the project. They Include:

- one 15x15 pegboard

- Tweezers (optional, but recommended)

- Iron (w/ ironing board)

- Wax Paper

- Perler Beads

- 90 Black

- 44 Yellow-Orange

-8 White

Step 2: Here We GO!

I started by placing all of my black beads down. I messed up on bead placement in the hand areas so DO NOT place your beads down like mine. Lay out the outline and then fill in the black on the inside during the next step. Work top to bottom to avoid bumping beads off of their pegs.

Step 3: Keep Going!

Now you can fill in the inside with the black beads as shown. Also use the eight white beads to recreate his eyes and arc reactor. ALWAYSwork top to bottom.

Step 4: Hello Yellow

The yellow-orange beads are the last step to completing your Iron Man. Copy this and then we can move on!

Step 5: Final Step

After placing the beads, you'll want to preserve it by placing wax paper over the pearler creation. Turn your iron on to a medium heat and thouroghly melt the plastic beads. Once you've done that, flip and repeat. Then you are complete with your Perler Bead Iron Man Mark XX Python.

Hopefully you've enjoyed my third instructable, feel free to check out my other ones!