Introduction: Iron Throne Phone Stand | Game of Thrones Inspired


The creativity of people never ceases to amaze me, and when it comes to something one is really passionate about, the results can be quite impressive.For me the zeal for Game of Thrones is rather undeniable. Armed with some foam/sponges, leather straps, glue, spray paint, and sword-shaped toothpicks – stuff you can find practically anywhere.

Step 1: Items Required:

1) foam Core

2) Polymer Clay or just normal modelling clay

3) miniature swords

4) spray paints

5) Exacto knife

Step 2: Starting From These…

Step 3: Laying Up Texture

using polymer clay or modelling clay to build the texture.

Step 4: And Finally

Please share your DIY Phone stand inspired by Game of Thrones with us.

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