Introduction: Iron Man Earpiece ( How to Make ) One Easy Option.

When I started building the Iron Man helmet , I had great difficulty on making the earpiece.After a few mistakes and hours of sanding, I had an idea that works quite ok for me.

Step 1: The Material Needed:

01craft stick

40ml of polyester resin

01 spray can cap

01 plastic cup

Step 2: Let's Start!

First in a plastic cup we are going to add about 40ml of polyester resin.

Normally I put 10 drops of catalyst to accelerate the hardening process.

Step 3: Pouring the Resin Into the Spray Cap

After mixing the resin, you must pour directly into the spray cap.

It's not necessary to use any mold release!

Step 4: Removing the Resin From the Spray Cap.

wait about 1 hour to remove the resin from the spray cap.

After removing the cured resin from the spray cap, the piece should look like the one from the picture above.

Step 5:

Now with a marker, outline the craft stick and cut along the line drawn..

You can cut along the line drawn with a dremmel or a small cutter.

Remember! If you are underage ,you must ask your parents for permission!

Step 6: Sanding.

After sanding , the earpiece should look something like the pictures from above..

Step 7: Final Step.

You can use a bit of modeling clay to fill the middle part.

I added about 4 mm height of clay and made a mold.

That's all folks!

Good Luck!!!