Introduction: Ironman Dog

Large science poster board (body armor)
long sheets of Poster board (shoulder pads)
Baby size onesie (red body suit)
glue gun and glue sticks
pen pencil marker
Red paint
Gold paint
2 long velcro strips (attach to body suit)
led lights
red printing paper and printer (Bark industries)

Step 1: Iron Dog Helmet

Gather all Materials needed
*start with the helmet
-print on print white paper and glue to long poster board
-cut out the pieces a bit bigger on the edges
-start attaching them together according to the numbers
-the helmet will start forming
-Finally pain it red and the front mask will be all gold
you can attach both mask with a clip for it to slid back or glue both pieces to stay put.

Step 2: Iron Dog Body Suit

With the science poster board make the body suit attach pieces with glue and add Velcro to the ends to attach to the onesie.

Step 3: Irondog Costume

*Attach the end on the behind for extra detail.

*Make sure to paint and air out all pieces a couple of days before wearing.

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