Introduction: Fish Water!

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Being a cat lover, I get a daily news letter about cats and related material. I've read that many are concerned with whether or not their cat gets enough to drink.  Apparently, it is a valid health risk for cats, as they are very, I mean very, picky about the water that they drink.  I've had cats that will only drink running water, cats that will only drink your water, some prefer toilets,  and a few that I would swear never drank any water at all.
  There are several products on the market that you can buy, pet fountains and such that are cool but expensive.  Who knows if your cat will even consider these a good watering hole.  Its kind of like buying cat toys.  More than likely, they'll play with the bag that the toy came in before considering the toy.

 FISH WATER!  That's what Clyde and I call it!
  Having been owned by several cats in my lifetime, I've found a way of making sure they drink enough water.  Its also very inexpensive, healthy and available at any supermarket.
  The next time you go shopping, buy a can of fish food, any flake food.  It seems that the biggest ingredient in fish food is fish, along with vitamines and other good stuff.  Simply put some of the flakes into the water dish at feeding time, and I will guarantee {um.. guess} that when your cat realizes what you're doing, they will run to the water before the food.  Let your cat smell the fish food in the can first and make sure he see's you put it into the water.
  It's become a nightly ritual between me and my Korat, Clyde Barrow (the toilet paper thief).  All I have to say when I'm walking up the stairs is FISH WATER....  and he's right behind me.

 You can give it to them as a treat as well, they will love you for it.