Introduction: It Doesn't Matter the Color of the Ribbon...

....because no matter the color and no matter the storm, we will fight. We will persevere. We will seize each moment. We will survive and no matter the color of the ribbon we will fight to find our rainbow at the end of this storm!

Create this motivatial poster in no time.

Using a standard water color paper and standard water color paints you can make this beautiful rainbow cancer ribbon.

Start by painting on a light yellow loop. Stop the yellow about mid-way down the ribbon ends. Add the second color to your ribbon by adding an excessive amount of water to your color. This will start to bleed the colors together. Move on to the next color repeating the process. Once you have the first layer you can go back with a less watered-down version of the color to add depth. Finish by adding a shadow of a darker yellow or watered down orange to the side where the ribbon crosses over. This will add more depth to the yellow ribbon. You may also want to extend a fine line around the yellow of the ribbon to contrast it from the white paper.

And your done. Let dry...for more effect you can hold the paper up for a small period of time to allow the wet paint to bleed down the page. This blends the colors a little more and gives that liquid look to the image.