Introduction: It's a SLife!! Glow in Dark Life Size Slime

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Look at this cool glow in the dark life size slime! Great for DnD parties, LARPs, or even replacing those boring jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins.

It's sLIFE!!!

(slime life)


Supplies: clear beach ball with glowstick

Airline hose

2 liter bottle

Colored dish soap

Duct tape

Silicon Glue (if needed)

Step 1: Prepare 2 Liter Bottle

1. Empty 2 liter bottle.

2. Drill a hole in cap that fits the airline hose.

3. Insert airline hose into cap. Make sure hole is snug tight to airline hose. If loose, add glue to prevent leaks.

4. Fill 2 liter bottle with dish soap and water.

5. Install cap with airline hose onto 2 liter bottle.

Step 2: Fill Beach Ball

1. Fill beach ball with air. Air pressure makes filling easier.

2. Insert air line into beach ball so that airline passes through one way valve.

3. Squeeze air from beach ball through airline hose into 2 liter bottle. After you release, the air pressure will force liquid back into beach ball. Squeeze 2 liter bottle until liquid is in beach ball.

4. Remove bubbles from beach ball.

5. Remove airline hose and cap beach ball closed.

Step 3: Insert Glow Stick. AND FINISH

1. Wrap duct tape around center of glowstick to form the eyes and break glow stick.

2. Insert glow stick into beach ball pocket.

3. And display your creation.

WARNING: Don't throw or drop. Beach ball will break and create a mess.

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