Introduction: It's an Egg's Story

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What's better than Toy Story? An EGG'S STORY!!!

This year I thought, why not bring two of my favorite characters from one of the best movies to life?!

Step 1: Materials

  • 4 hard-boiled eggs (I used brown eggs!)
  • brown acrylic paint & paint brush
  • modeling clay (non-hardening, non-toxic)
  • clay modeling tools (helps to shape)
  • Exacto knife (for sharper edges during clay modeling)
  • wire & wire stripper

Step 2: Creating Mr. Egg-tato Head

The first character we're creating is Mr. Potato Head - errrr - Mr. Egg-tato Head!

  1. The brown egg isn't quite the right color, so paint it with the brown acrylic for a darker shade and let it dry for about 30 minutes.
    • Note: I used a bottle cap to support the egg while painting; I highly recommend you do the same or find something equivalent.
  2. Now comes the fun part - creating his body parts! There isn't a specific order that they need to be created in, though starting with the nose allowed the others to be sized correctly. The list includes:
    • nose (red/dark pink)
    • eyes (white, black)
    • ears (pink)
    • mouth (white)
    • mustache (black)
    • hat (black)
    • shoes (red)
  3. Once all body parts have been added to the body, Mr. Egg-tato Head is complete! But he needs a friend...

Step 3: Creating Slinky-egg

The second character we're creating is Slinky - AKA Slinky-egg!

  1. The brown egg is the correct color this time, so no need to do any painting.
  2. The first part we want to create is the head. This consists of:
    • snout (yellow, black)
    • eyes (white, black)
    • eyebrows (black)
    • ears (brown) - make sure they're floppy!
  3. Then we want to create the body:
    1. Create two sets of yellow feet out of clay.
    2. Taking 2 eggs, stand them upright and place on the clay feet; this will keep Slinky-egg in place.
    3. Now we need the slinky - this is done using the wire. First grab the wire stripper and strip the plastic cover off the wire, if it exists. Then wrap the stripped wire around a large glue stick (or something of equal size) to create the necessary loops; be sure to loop enough to reach between both eggs!
    4. Once the wire slinky has been created, attach it between the two eggs with brown clay.
    5. Do the same thing with the wire but on a pencil, and attach it to the 'back' egg for the tail (don't forget to add clay to the end of the wire for the tip of the tail).
    6. Finally, add a green collar to the 'front' egg.
  4. Now that the body is done, the head can be attached to it! Be careful, as the egg will be heavy, so be sure that the green clay acting as the "glue" (and collar!) is firmly attached and will support the head - the last thing we need is a broken egg.
  5. Once attached, you have your Slinky-egg!!

Step 4: You're Not an Egg, You're a Toy!

Well, that sums up the tutorial for creating a Mr. Egg-tato Head and Slinky-egg! Please let me know what you think and how your own attempts turn out...or if other characters can be re-created - I know they wouldn't mind the company :)

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