JTAG ICE With Arduino IDE

Introduction: JTAG ICE With Arduino IDE

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Hello Arduino Lovers,

So, you have a JTAGICE and no other programmer(as in my case) and don't know how to use it with your atmega16/32 while using the easiest programming of microcontrollers in the world.....
So let me tell you how to use the JTAGICE with your favourite programming language....

So...lets Browse what you have to do....

Step 1: The Requirements

The things you need are
1.Arduino IDE.
2.Atmel Studio (I have used version 4.17, don't know how to work with newbies versions).
4.Your microcontroller Core files for Arduino IDE .

That's all the things you need to have.... Lets See the Steps....

Step 2: Setting Up the Arduino IDE

Let's prepare the arduino Ide first...

1. Open up the arduino ide

2 . Press ctrl + comma ( , )

3. the prefrences screen will pop-up.

4. Select "show verbose output during" to both "compiling" and "uploading".

that's all you have setup your ide....

Step 3: CLIMAX.....The Final Step

Open-up your Atmel Studio

click "connect to programmer" icon.

After connecting to JTAGICE.

open up your arduino ide.. and know when you will compile your program(using your required microcontroller in compatibility using core files) you'll be able to see the hex file created at the last few lines of the action window(or something like that, actually I don't the real name of that window).

copy the hex file path and use the file browser to browse to the hex file . and now use the programming window in atmel studio to program the hex file compiled by the arduino ide....

that's all ..... you've programmed your ic using the jtag ice......

Thank you....to all.... please support by sharing and adding this to your favourite....

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