Introduction: Jack-O'-Lantern Maternity Halloween Costume

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After making my TMNT Maternity Costume Shirt, I was excited to make another one. I was looking at some things on Etsy and saw a jack-o'-lantern pregnancy shirt and thought I'd try to make one. They used a white shirt and orange paint, but I decided to go with more pumpkin-y colors.

Step 1: Supplies

Here's what you need.


To make this last minute:

  • Just like with my other shirt, just use a black sharpie to draw on the face if you want to be able to draw it on and wear it right away.

When it comes to your design, what you do is up to you. I ended up going with a traditional jack-o'-lantern face I found on There are many designs to choose from there or just make up your own :)

Before you get started, you need to find where you want the center of the face to be. I just put on my shirt and found where my belly button lined up like I did for my TMNT maternity shirt. Remember to center your marker after finding where you want it to be.

Step 2: Get Your Stencil

Trace your stencil on the freezer paper.

Cut out the stencil and remember that you want the outside to stay nice, so go ahead and cut in the eye, nose, and mouth hole as much as you need to.

If you are having trouble deciding what to do, check out some of these stencils for ideas.

Step 3: Paint

Time to paint. Put scrap cardboard in your shirt to avoid the paint leaking through to the other side.

Heat up your iron to max and iron on your stencil. Make sure you have centered your stencil just where you want it.

Paint your jack-o'-lantern face. I found the black covered really well, so I only did one coat. Give it a few minutes and then pull the stencil off.

Leave it to dry according to your paint's instructions.

Step 4: Wear It

Once it is dry it is ready to wear!

Now I have two choices of costumes for Halloween :)

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