Introduction: Jack, Sally, and Zero Yard Decorations

Nightmare-inspired yard decorations made from plywood.

Materials List:

Jigsaw (& several blades)
Paint Markers: 2 Black & 1 White medium point, 1 Black Fine Point)
Base-coat waterproofing primer
Flat gloss polyurethane
Acrylic paints: Various colors
Paint Brushes
Two 1"x2" studs
1/2" PVC Pipe
Steel Bar

Draw and cut out your figures with the jigsaw and sand them well. Add at least 2 coats of the base coat. It seals and waterproofs the wood and it also gives you a more forgiving drawing surface. If you mess up you can use an eraser. If you really mess up you simply sand away the mistake and reapply primer.

Step 1: Sally

Acquired plywood, new jigsaw blades, and primer. Time to go to work!!!

I made Sally first for a couple of reasons. First, she is out front and has more way more detail so I wanted to make sure she came out looking good before I moved on. Second, she determined the position of Jack's shoulder and I needed her for proportion for the other parts. 

Step 2: Jack

Jack is over 7 feet tall and a bit skinny so I used the 1"x 2" stud for structural support from the back. The PVC will slide over rebar posts that will have been driven into the ground.

I used a white paint marker for his pinstripes. Don't try for perfection with his stripes- the more wonky the lines, the more authentic the look.

Step 3: Zero

Zero's ears are really thin and I had no faith that they would survive very long with the kids in the neighborhood and getting knocked about each year in and out of storage. So, I reinforced them with a steel bar. Although it is not shown, I attached a piece of PVC to his back so that he can sit on a dowel. The plan is to move him about the yard over the course of the Halloween season.

Step 4: Project Complete. for Now...

I attached Sally to Jack after applying several coats of polyurethane to each piece. I do not want these guys to warp! 

So, after a successful project I look around and realize that I haven't made Oogey or The Mayor or Lock, Shock & Barrel...

It's about to get busy!
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