Introduction: Jagdpanther Rc Tank

Hello, In the this project, I will make weathering on Jagdpanther’s rc tank 1/16 scale from Heng Long. This model come with metal gear and track. This time it will be simple to hand paint, and a little bit of rust . It fun and looks realistic to the scale model. The step is simple and basic and easy to do. The result looks great. Let’s begin.

Supplies that you need to do weathering Jagdpanther’s project.

1. Heng Long Jagdpanther rc tank (or other models)

2. Arcylic paints, (matt black, dark brown, yellow, green), paint tray, water spray, and paint brushes different sizes.

3. Spray paints surface primer (red- brown, matt tan color), (If you want to be correct in color, need to buy Tamiya’s spray color). Tamiya weathering master set C.

4. Masking tape, sand paper, baby oil, and paper tower.

Step 1: Paint the Track

First I need to disassembly the Jagdpanther rc tank by unscrew at the bottom of the tank, it should be about 6 screws. I took the track off and the body with wheels (bottom part), then disconnected the wires ports. Next I remove the wheels. Then I start to paint the track with red- brown and then matt black. Next is to use sand paper to rub on the track. It will be silver (As the picture).

Step 2: Hand Paint the Body

Then prepare the Jagdpanther for paint, I use alcohol to clean of the grease and dust. At first I spray paint surface matt tan to the (top part) of the tank. After it dry, I use the masking tape to make the strip the (top part) of the tank. Let it dry, now I hand paint the green dark brown, at least twice make sure that the paint smooth and dark brown as well. I look around the tank make sure the painting is cover all side of the tank. For the bottom part, and wheels, I paint it green and matt black with baby oil (just like the oil is leaking from the wheel bearing). Next I assemble the tank, so that I can see what I should adjust to make it look better. I attach all of the accessories that come with the tank such as the spare track, tow cable, tools, and others (I spray matt black). I also paint, all the wood handle look like wood and other things paint the color as it would be. For the exhaust pipe, air intake, and radiator fan, I paint black and apply the body oil to make it shine.

Step 3: Do the Rust.

Then I use Tamiya weathering master set C (Orange rust) apply to high light some areas such the track, tow cable, and some metal parts that expose to the weather, It looks real. I look around the tank and paint more to make it look realistic.


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