Jamaican Salt Fish Fritters

Introduction: Jamaican Salt Fish Fritters

- Will take long to make

- Really good

- Adjust to your liking

- Get Creative

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

- 1 package of boneless Codfish

- 2 cups of flour

- 1 red, 1 green pepper

- About 1 1/4 cup of water

- 3 scallions

- 1 onions

- 1 tbsp black pepper

- 1 tbsp all purpose seasoning

- 1 tomato

- 1 tsp of paprika

- 1/2 tsp of baking powder

- A pinch of sea salt

Step 2: Soak Codfish in Water Overnight

Step 3: In the Morning Bring Codfish to a Boil. When Done Drain Water and Repeat a Second Time

Step 4: Drain Fish Then Flake (Mash/rip Apart) Fish

Step 5: Chop Up Scallions, Onions, Green and Red Peppers

Step 6: In a Large Bowl Pour Flour

Step 7: Add Baking Powder

Step 8: Then Pour in the Scallions, Onions, and the Red and Green Peppers

Step 9: Mix

Step 10: Add Water to Mixture (might Need a Little More or Less, Adjust to Your Preference).

Step 11: Mix

Step 12: Drop Mix in Pan (use Ice-cream Scooper or Spoon)

Step 13: Let Cook Until Top Is Light Brown Then Flip

Step 14: Cook Until Golden Brown

Step 15: When Done Take Fritters Out of the Pan

Step 16: Apply to Cooling Tray

Step 17: Enjoy

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