Introduction: James Develin's Gym

Here is my model to participate in the James Develin's student gym design challenge. It took me a few days to create this gym and I had a lot of fun!

Here is a link to the gym if you want to have a closer look.



Tinkercad 3D Design Workspace

Step 1: Gym Layout

The gym includes a few rooms. There is a change room and bathroom for both male and female on the side of the building. To the right of the entrance, is where the sauna room and therapy room are located. And behind the check-in desk is the weight room. Also, outside in the front of the gym is a little grass area for yoga or outside activities.

Step 2: Therapy Room

I created this therapy room for any athletes that need therapy. This room is specifically made for therapy and is sound proof so that no other noise from the outside of the gym is heard from the inside. It includes 2 couches, a bookshelf and a nice little glass table. To get to it you have to walk through the door that is on the right and go to the end of the hallway because the first door is the sauna room.

Step 3: Sauna Room & Weight Room

In the sauna room, there are seats against the walls. To get to the sauna room, you need to walk through the door, right of the check-in desk and its the first door in the hallway. This gym also includes an weight room. For social distancing, the benches are spread apart. Weights are located on the side walls of the weight room. The location of the weight room is straight ahead of the check-in desk and it has a really open door.

Step 4: Outside Grass, Bathrooms & Change Rooms

The outside grass is located right in front of the gym. I added this because maybe the athlete wants to workout outside on some grass. It can also be used for yoga or meditation.

The bathrooms are in the located to the left side of the gym. In the picture, it is the circle that is bigger and not curved. The change rooms are right next to the bathrooms. They are showed in the picture with a curved circle.

Step 5: Conclusion

This is my first time ever completing an Instructable. Thank you for taking a look at my design. I hope I win. Also, good luck to the other contestants that are competing.

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