Introduction: James Devlin Gym

Hi there,

Do you want to make a Gym on Tinkercad? You are on the right spot! Just follow me till the end and you will get it!


1. Tinkercad

2.Stable Internet Connection.

3. Computer/Laptop/iPad/Chromebooks

Step 1: Open Tinkercad With a Free Work Plane.

Step 2: Cover the Work Place

Add a cube and spread it all over the work plane.

Step 3: Height

Increase the height.

Step 4: Color

Change the color to blue

Step 5: Making Windows and Doors.

Add Holes to the given spaces and then Make a hole in the Cube.

Step 6: Windows

Add Transparent White Color to the spaces.

Step 7: Group It.

Select all the shapes and group it.

Step 8: Follow the Steps....

Step 9: Then I Added Punching Bags....

After the last step I added silver cylinders as punching bags and added a black thin cylinder as a rope.

Step 10: Second Floor.

I added a Cube aligned it to the First Floor.

Step 11: Second Floor Windows Prep...

I added holes to the second floor for the windows.

Step 12: Making Exercise Accessories for the Second Floor.

Follow the steps.....

Step 13: I Added a Name.

I set TEXT to the top of the building (James Devlin Gym) and added a window to the front( Blue Transparent).

Happy Tinkering and plz share the project after you've made it.

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