Introduction: Japanese Barbie Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Young girls have real attacments with barbies which now even have grown to developing a trend of " Human Barbies". People now love to idealize their looks and do efforts to appear like those plastic barbies. Transforming yourself into a human barbiw though requires hard efforts and going on a zero calorie diet which every one cannot afford. In this tutorial I will tell you guys how you can get a human japanese barbie look using makeup in just 10 easy steps.

This look was created by Official Makeup Artist of Uniqso for " Look of the Month"

Step 1: Apply a Brown Eye Shadow

Since Japanese have brown or black eyes we will begin our makeup look with big eye circle lenses. Dolls are known to have big and seductive dolly eyes. It is impossible to achieve the desired looks without using an appropriate pair of circle lenses. 

Put on I Fairy Cara Brown Circle Lenses first of all. After priming and application of foundation apply an earth brown eye shadow on your whole eye lid

Step 2: Blend Your Eyeshadow

Using an eye shadow brush and swiping movements blend in your eye shadow like a pro until it is mixed with your skin tone

Step 3: Create a Cat Eye Liner Look

Using a deep red eye shadow with the help of an eye liner brush create a cat eye liner look and apply it just on the upper edge of your lash line at the corners only as shown below in the picture

Step 4: Finish Off the Lower Lash Line

Using the same red eye shadow; create a bright eye look and apply it all the way to your lower lash line at interior corners and blend

Step 5: Lower Lash Line

Now either simply use a kohl pencil at your tearduct or apply a darkest shade of eye shadow preferably black on your tear duct as shown.

Step 6: Upper Lash Line

Now line your eye lids with a liquid black eye liner

Step 7: Time to Blush

Choose a blush that doesnot sparkle like glitters on your cheek but only gives you a fresh rosy glow. Since our model is fair skin we will go for a peach red blush that gives an impression of fresh blood flowing beneath the cheek's skin

Step 8: Lips

Using a red lipstick (not very bright) create fresh lips. Your lipstick and your blush should match. 

Step 9: Gradient Lips

For a gradient look; use rose or nude lip gloss

Step 10: Mascara

Using a bkack mascara; make your lashes appear thick or go for a pair of falsies if you donot naturally have thick lashes. Finish your falsies off using black mascara and give your brows a defined look using brow pencil.

Ta da; you are all done.