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Have you been kicked out of the house? For let's say for...3 hours. Do you have some stuff collecting dust in the garage (i.e., mason jar, resin, wire, LED lights, and a large rock)? Then you can make a Jar Thingy that has no purpose or reason for existence. Side note: I used the wrong resin, added horrible music...that led to a horrible video. Enjoy!


• Sand: natural, no preservatives

• Wire: Not to be mistaken for the tv show

• Epoxy: Make sure you buy the epoxy and not casting resin

• Mason Jar: Three words…Hobby Lobby coupon

• LED lights: Amazon Prime deal after Christmas

• Large rock: Preferable an igneous rock, but a sedimentary will do if you are in a bind

• Little cups and tongue gaggers: AKA popsicle sticks

• Soap dies: past or present

Step 1: Wire Tree

Wrap a 24-26 gauge wire around something that looks like a piston-cylinder apparatus or bottle. Heave the wire roll off the cylinder object and frog tie that puppy so those wires don't jump away. Cut only one side of the circle, best to find the corner spot of the circle. The wires should be 7" or 0.00011048ths of a mile long.

Step 2: Creating the Tree's Natural Form

Drill a bunch of holes in a high molecular mass organic polymer, or plastic lid, and stick in those little doohickies. Have the wire gophering out the other side of the lid about 1" and then tape the wires so they won't succumb to gravity. Twist the wires on the other end. This is where the creativenesseses starts to form. To learn more about how to do the branches, watching the embedded video or look at other instructables for better examples...

Step 3: Resin Mixing

Mix the resin (generally 1/2 and 1/2). Next, add gravel, sand, preservatives, color/dies, MSG, or whatever else your heart desires. Mix until you think it is done, then mix a little bit longer. It is recommended that epoxy resin is mixed for 2 minutes. If you mix for 2 minutes with casting resin...well, you have just bungled and you will sit in the corner of your garage rethink your life's choices.

Step 4: The Tree, Jar, and Resin Relationship

Now is the time to introduce the Tree, the Resin, and the Jar to each other. Close parental guidance is recommended. You will want to see how each of them interact with each other. Sometimes it is best to introduce the Jar and the Tree first. If these two get alone...then add the Resin.

Step 5: Detailing

Quick note: If you haven't seen the video...please take a look at it. It explains how I used the wrong type of resin. At this point, add as much details as possible to cover up your mistakes, misfortunes, and mucky muck (Tenacious D: Wonder Boy).

Step 6: No Light Vs. Night Light

This step is pretty semi-self-explanatory. If you want to only see the jar during the day....leave the LED lights out of the jar and look at it during the day. If you want to see it at night...put the LED lights in the jar. If you don't want to see it at all....leave lights out of the jar and only bring the jar out only when it is dark.

Step 7: Smashing Hit

Want to make it really awesome and inspiring? Watch the video and see how this jar really made a "smashed upon" hit. As always, it is awesome to get ideas from others' Instructables. There are a lot of talented people. Hopefully this project inspired you to know what NOT to do.

Go create something cool!

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