Introduction: Jar of Hearts (easy-without Programming)

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In this instructable, I will show you how to make a simple Jar of Hearts. This is simple instructable for anyone just starting out with LEDs, little soldering and uses some basic electronics. It's simple, without micro controllers or timers.

And this is can be the best gift for your friend, family or your loved ones. I called this instructables with Jar of Hearts instead of Jar of Cranes, because in the making of this gift I put my hearts and my sincerity in this jar, and give it to my best friend as a gift of our friendship. You can fill the jar with anything you want, something small, cute, or maybe things that could remind someone with you.

This is the video of my Jar of Hearts
(change the quality for a better view)

Step 1: Parts and Tools

In the picture there will be 2 pieces for each component, because I'm going to make it with 2 jars. The first jar is made from glass, and the other made from plastic.

So, here is all you will need :

(2) Small Jar (I'm using Choco-Peanut Jar and Oregano Jar)
(2) Small switch (Tacticle Switch)
(2) RGB Flashing LED
(2) Resistors 100 Ohm
(2) Coin Batteries 3V (CR2032)
(1) Rainbow Cable
- Breadboard (optional)
- Shrink tubing (optional)

- Soldering iron
- Solder
- Hot glue gun
- Mini drill
- Cutter Pen

Step 2: Making the Circuit on Breadboard

Let's build it on breadboard first. Lets put the components on a breadboard so we could see how it worked and how to fit it onto the jar. The circuit diagram was made with Fritzing.

Test everything out and make sure that you're circuit is going to work before you start soldering.

Step 3: The Enclosure

Step 1
Make a hole on metal cap / plastic cap that fit with the size of your switch. (see image 1)

Step 2
Be careful when you drill the plastic cap / the metal cap. It's quite hard to make a hole in metal cap but stay careful. When it made of plastic. It easy to melt if the drill get hot, but it's okay you can tidy it up by using a small cutter knife.

Step 3
Put the switch onto the hole. Use a hot glue for attach the switch with the cap. (see image 3)

Step 4
Solder the wires to the leads of switch. One wire will attach to (-) side of coin battery, the other wire will soldered onto resistor series with LED. (see image 4)

Step 4: Put the Circuit Into Enclosure

Step 1
Solder the positive lead of LED with resistor 100 ohm. (See image 1)

Step 2
The negative lead of LED attach to the lead of switch. the positive wire (resistor series with positive LED) attached to positive side of the battery. (See image 2) sorry for the messy picture, you can see image 3 for clear picture.

Step 3
For attaching the battery see the negative and positive side of the battery. (see image 4)

My considerations in using the only switch on, it's because I'm using only 3 volts. And because I will give it to my friends, I was worried they do not know how to replace the battery when it runs out. Then use the only switch on is intended to extend the battery life.

Step 5: Fill the Jar!

It's time to decorating!!

I'm using beads for jewelry or craft. The all beads are belong to my mom. But you can fill the jar with anything you want, something small, cute, or maybe things that could remind someone with you. For me, I fill the jars with origami crane, I made about a hundred of origami cranes. if you want to do the same thing but don't know how to make this origami, check out this link How to make an Origami Crane

And that's it. You're done!!
It's a simple and a great gift with full sincerity in the making. And don't forget to give me a feed back or advice :)

Have fun :D

Greeting from Indonesia!!

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