Introduction: Turning Jeans Labels Into Bracelets and a Little More

May the Instructable Gods forgive me, thus it is not a step-by-step tuturial. But this is pretty easy project, especially, if you have an experience of working with leather.

So, I had a couple of leather lables I salvaged from my old Colin's jeans. Usually I'm making simple backpocket wallets from lables that are not genuine leather (I'll put some photos at the end), but these are a bit inconvenient for this purpose, so I had them lyinf arond for some time, untill I had an idea on how to turn them into braslets. Later I applied similar approach to these bracelets, so take a look at them too.

Step 1: Make Bracelets

The idea is simple: take the label and make series of parallel cuts that are not reaching the edge. I've punched circular holes with revolver hole punch at the ends of cuts to prevent the material from further tearing. This is our decorative piece.

For the main body of the bracelet I used some old leather belt I bought at the flea market. I washed it and you can see it's drying along with other belt I used in other project. On the second photo you can see finished bracelet, and its younger brother in its exploded-into-details state.

I punched hole for buckle pin and trimmed the thicknes of the material at the buckle end of the main body of the bracelet. I've punched a row of outlets for fastening, and made two rows of holes to sew the lable piece. These seams are wider than the lable just for aestetic purposes, and, because I was reusing the existing holes in the lable I fitted the spacing between stitches to them.

I used saddle stitch to attatch the lable. It's simple when you sewing the first edge, but with the second you have to use the cuts in the lable as windows for your neadle.

The smaller leather piece is for the the loop. I Punched holes at the ends and used staples to fix the edges together. Although it looks not as great as stitches, personally I prefere this "lazy" approach (staples do not irritate the skin as much as thick stiff thread).

I guess, I salveged the buckles from old purse. It secured them with few stitches.

And this is it. I really like these bracelets, although they have more female look, and it was a nice project for me to try. So thank you for your attention, and...

Step 2: A Little More

take a look at promissed wallets.

Usually I don't wearing a lot of paper bills and other documents with me so I wanted something slim that I could put into my jeans backpocket and don't be bothered by when I'm sitting. So this is where the design came from.

The "Wrangler Durable Basics" is something I was making at the beginning, and the "Collin's" one is an improved version with convenient cut at the top and corrected width that allows to accomodate plastic card. I'll make an instructable when will be making another one because despite seaming simplicity of design there's some tricks that allow to get nicer result (I hope I still remember them...).

Also, if you're wondering, it's a 1 euro coin, my father gave me, in the key fob, and the bottle on the chain is for essential oil, I carying with me... and a handkerchief.