Introduction: Jell-O Flower Centerpiece

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I used Jell-O in my wedding centerpieces, by setting fake flowers in a glass vase, and allowing the Jell-O to harden around them!  They were so cool!


Jell-O in Lemon, Lime, or Orange flavors
Mixing bowl
Measuring Cup
Fake fabric or plastic flowers
Super/Crazy Glue


Step 1: Clean the vases that you plan to use so they are free of fingerprints and dust
Step 2: Cut the stems off the flowers that you plan to use in the vase
Step 3: Using super/crazy glue, glue the flower(s) to the bottom of the vase
Step 4: Wait at least 2 hours to allow for the glue to dry completely (refer to the glue directions for it's suggested time)
Step 5: Mix up your Jell-O, dividing the amount of water in half. This is very important, and will make sure that the Jell-O is solid enough to move around in the vase.
Step 6: Pour the Jell-O mix over the flower(s) in your vase, then follow the refrigeration directions on the package
Step 7: At least 2 hours before using, remove the vase from the refrigerator, and allow it to reach room temperature.  Wipe off any condensation using a paper towel, then place on the table as a centerpiece.

Because these centerpieces are made using real Jell-O, they will last for only about 5 days after refrigeration.  They are also technically edible.

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