Introduction: Jello TV Remote Prank

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Does you boyfriend, dad, brother, sister, or anyone you know LOVE watching TV? Well then this is the prank for you!

Take their TV remote, encase it in Jello, and sit back and watch the horror on their face when they go to watch a bit of TV only to find they cant, as their remote is covered in a gooey (and delicious) substance, also known as Jello! A nice little touch to add to this prank is to lay out a spoon next to the jello with a little note that says "Enjoy! Love From ________".

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Step 1: What You Need.

You dont need much for this prank, and 90% of it you will already have (except for the Jello).

  • JELLO! I used 3 packets. (Each packet made 1pt or around 600ml of Jello)

  • TV Remote (of course!)
  • Glass/plastic tub big enough to fit the control in
  • Cling film/plastic wrap/plastic bag cut into a square
  • Tray or plate
  • Whatever other things you need to make your Jello (Refer to back of pack)
Got all of that? Lets move on!

Step 2: Prepare the Bowl

Prepare the bowl!
  1. Grab your bowl or tub you will be putting the jello in
  2. Grab the cling film and get a piece big enough to fit over the whole tub
  3. Shape it into the bowl
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Step 3: Make the First Layer of Jello

Here we will make the first layer of jello. This is done first so the remote doesnt stick out of the top of the jello.
  1. Prepare your jello using the instructions on the back of the pack
  2. Fill the bottom of the dish about 1-2cm with jello
  3. Another view
  4. Another view
  5. Put it in the fridge and wait for it to full set and cool!
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Step 4: Add the Remote!

Now its time to add the remote!
  1. Place the remote, face down, on top of the thin layer of jello from the previous step.
  2. Begin slowly pouring more jello around the remote
  3. In this picture the bowl is actually full but the remote floated to the top (See how to stop this from happening in the next step!)
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Step 5: Cool It Down!

Now we need to keep that remote underneath, yet stop it floating.
  1. To stop the remote floating to the top of the bowl, I put a small cardboard box ontop of the remote and wedged it between the remote and another shelf in my fridge. (Your remote may not need this but if it does use my box as a guide of how I did it XD)
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Step 6: Time to Prank!

Now that the jello is fully cooled down and set, its time to setup the prank.
  1. Take the jello bowl out of the fridge
  2. Lay your tray/plate over the top, and flip it over quickly!
  3. Leave for the victim! A nice little touch to add to this prank is to lay out a spoon next to the jello with a little note that says "Enjoy! Love From ________".

Step 7: Hooray!

Hooray! You've finished.

Now go and prank to your heart's desire!

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