Introduction: Jellyfish Costume

A cheap, easy costume that lights up AND keeps you dry!


Clear umbrella (mine has a blue tint, which I think looks better!)
Tulle of various colors (both to make the jelly guts but also the feeding arms)
Cellophane to create a more realistic opaque look (I chose pink)
Iridescent mesh tubing (found in the wedding section of craft store-- for stinging arms)
Led lights (remote optional but recommended)
Packing tape
Thread to match the tulle

Step 1: Add Lights!

String the led lights along the ribs of the umbrella to create that bioluminescent quality we all know and love

Step 2: Add the Guts

I saw some versions of this costume online, but didn't like how empty the jelly looked. I didn't want just jelly legs, I wanted the guts too! Cut some lengths of tulle and cellophane and wrap around the inside crown of the umbrella. See photos for easy explanation. Attach by tucking around the ribs and securing as needed with packing tape.

Step 3: Add Stinging Tentacles

Cut 16 even strips of the tubing and attach one strip at each spine with tap, a few inches from the top. Tape them halfway down the umbrella as well so they hang wider around you and not on top of you. Follow the same instructions putting one strip between each spine as well for a fuller look.

Step 4: Cellophane Layer

This step is optional but I felt my jelly was still too clear, so I added a layer of pink cellophane. I doubled it up and taped it around the inside of the umbrella, leaving a small section uncovered for me to easily see out of during trick or treating

Step 5: Create Oral Arms

I found this to be the hardest part. I cut some loooong lengths of tulle, then created a bunched look by running thread through the tulle. I had the best luck by creating a loop of thread at each fold of tulle so it wouldn't slide around the thread. It sounds confusing but I'm not a sewer so if I can do it so can you! Instead of taping I simply tucked the end of each arm under a spine to let it hang down close to the handle. I made 3 white and 2 blue

Step 6: Done!!!

Have fun swimming out there! It looks way better in person :) tried to use video but it wouldn't let me upload to the platform

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