Introduction: JengaHide

There is always a time when you want to hide something. You might want to hide something from your siblings, who just like to play around with all your stuff, or anyone else. This is a place where people might not expect to find things.

Step 1: Get What You Want to Hide

Make sure you have your phone or whatever you want to hide ready and the Jenga blocks and everything.

Step 2: Take the Blocks Out of the Box

Empty out the box so that you can put your item inside.

Step 3: Put the Item Inside

Once the box is almost empty, put the item you want to hide inside.

Step 4: Cover It With the Blocks

Cover the item with blocks until the item cannot be seen.

Step 5: Close the Jenga Box

Close the Jenga box and place it anywhere you want. No matter where you put it, nobody will think there's something other then blocks inside. Now all you need to do is relax because your item is hidden in a safe place.

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