Introduction: Jewelry Display Made Out of Old Window Frame

I needed something that I could use to display the jewelry that I sell. I have seen some window frames jewelry display with chicken wire but that wouldn't work for me because I can't take the tag off the jewelry. So I decided to make one with cup hooks and no chicken wire.

Step 1: Supplies

  • Old Window Frame - no Glass
  • Sandpaper
  • Cup Hooks
  • Krylon - Sea Glass/Satin Cover Maxx Ultimate Coverage Spray from Walmart
  • Power Drill (to pre-drill holes on the frame to make it easier to insert the cup hooks
  • Screws (optional only use to make the window frame stronger if needed)
  • Picture Hanging Hardware (2)

Step 2: Getting Started

  • start by sanding off the old paint
  • sprayed paint the frame
  • pre-drill holes for the cup hooks ( you don't have to do this, its just easier)
  • attached the picture hanging hardware to the back

Optional Step: If window frame is wobbly add screws on the top corners and middle to make it stronger

Step 3: Finished Product

The final step is just to hang it and add the jewelry.

It was simple and fast to make.

Thanks for looking. :)

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