Introduction: Jigsaw to Recipro Powertoolhack! Max Destruction!

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This is not a full tutorial to replicate the design, but the video and pictures can give you an idea to build your own version.

Step 1: Watch the Video

In the video a lot is explained. This video was to show you what is possible when you think around a bit. It is not an instructional video to make a perfect repica but to give you an idea. With this "idea" you can make your own recipro if you like.

so, enjoy the video.

Step 2: What It's Made Of

So this was a build with small scrap stuff laying around.

-2 X 608ZZ bearings to guide the shaft.

-a U alu profile so there will be less friction from the shaft.

-some rest stainless sheet of 2mm. for the foot and the connection to the jigsaw.

-a leftover alu L strut for the clamps.

-some bolts and nut and some screws.

-a recipro blade for a dewalt or makita.

-some leftover wood.

fist i check how big it needs to be. then i cut some wooden block until i have the rough size.

Then i mark how big the shaft needs to be and where to position the bearings.

i keep the block rough for as long the mechanics needs to be finetuned in order to work.

as soon as the mechanical movement works fine, i screw down the blocks to eachother and grind them to shape with my anglegrinder.use your imagination for a cool design.

after that you can paint it for a better look.

like i said, this is an idea, not a complete worked out guide. for those who can and will, fee free to make your own by reusing this idea on your own jigsaw.

Step 3: Some Detailed Photos of the Design.

i'm not the man of calculations and plans. i just do it by trial and error. thes photos can help you to understand my idea of this build.

thanks for watching, and hopefully see you next time for more crazyness!

friendly greetings,


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