Introduction: Joining Poptropica

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Poptropica is a game that is really really really fun to play,Its for Tweens and Teens

Step 1: Making a Account

Search Poptropica open it and then you will find a screen which says play now click that and go to New player

Step 2: New Account 1

So when you click on new player it will ask your age select that and it will give you a random character you can change it

Step 3: New Account 2

Now click on the Air Balloon thing and it will take you to poptropica,A person will Ask are you new or old click on New

Step 4: How to Play

The guy will tell you stuff that you ask and then you can climb the Air balloon and you will reach to a map click any

Step 5: Making a Real Account

That Before was just picking stuff now you gotta make the new account when you are on your island so click save and enter a user name and password take a easy one so you can remember

Step 6: Fun

Done now you can buy clothes complete islands make friends do anything you want

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