Introduction: Journaling - for the Time Sensitive

About: I have many different interests, and one of them is building, fixing, bossing others around and travelling. Here are some things that I have done.

I do not write very well, in my own humble opinion, and I do not always enjoy taking the time to write things down.

On the other hand I do suffer from FOMO quite badly and never think that I am doing enough or living life to the fullest...

So I have been trying out different methods of keeping track of what I have done/am doing/will be doing, also know as journaling!

So I took to the power of the internet for a time and tried to make an online version of a schedule. Sometimes ahead of time to plan what to do with my free time, and other times after the fact to keep a record of what I spent my time doing.

Step 1 - my google calendar an google tasks ongoing attempts;

Step 2 - my beginning of a "bullet journal".

Step 1: Google Calendar and Tasks

In this first step is an example of how I organize my weekly schedule through the use of Google Calendar.

Google Calendar:

There are a lot of tutorials on how to set it up, what to do with it, how to import calendars from other applications, etc.

As previously mentioned I use it to plan, and to remember what I use my time for. Generally it serves me as a reminder of all that I have done, and that even doing nothing (a.k.a. relaxing/taking a break) is doing something.

Google Tasks:

Brought to you by Gmail, the tasks function, as you can see in the 3rd and 4th pictures, is a little popup, sort of like the hangouts. It allows you to organize a task list and cross things off. You can get these lists on your phone, and desktop so you can always have them with you.

I did have some trouble maintaining these lists calendars after a while, as you can see from picture 1 & 2, they weren't as detailed and I got a bit lazy.

Also, I did have a problem of "Out of sight, out of mind" and kept forgetting what my tasks were if I didn't have it in front of me.

I was told about, and finally read an article about handwriting and its ties to memory so I decided to give it a whirl, and as I was doing so, I stumbled upon this next step... is a great way of discovering new stuff if you have never tried it!

Step 2: Point Form, or "Bullet" Journal

Before I begin infringing on someone's copyright, here is the link to their website:

As I wrote, I stumbled upon it one day last week, and have decided now that December has jsut started to give it a try.

The pictures above are my rendition of a "bulletjournal". You can of course buy the one they sell on the website, or just get a notebook from staples. That's what I did.

I write in French generally so sorry for any language discrepancy...

The way you organize it is up to you, but seeing as I am new to this I chose to follow their instructions and then modify them as I go along.

The first page is an Index that I will soon be populating.

Every month (2nd pic) you write down the Month, days by number, and any important event that is happening this month. (eg: Birthdays, special events, concerts, etc.)

Following which you can write your daily tasks, or goals.

The legend (3rd pic) is up to you and your preferences. It indicates completed tasks, postponed tasks, ideas, whatever you want really.

I hope this helps!

Have a good one!