Introduction: Jugger Pompfen - Short Swords

These are made to the measurements provided by the Jugger Alliance of the Americas. Play safe!

You will need:

  1. 1/2" rigid PVC pipe
  2. A pool noodle
  3. Duct tape
  4. Hockey tape
  5. Sponge stress balls
  6. Car wash sponge
  7. Glue
  8. Sharp cutting tools
  9. Fine toothed hand saw
  10. Measuring tape
  11. A marker

Step 1: Cut and Prepare Your Pieces

These short swords are 85cm from end to end. The blade portion is 65cm, and the handle(including the pommel) is 20cm.

  1. Using a saw, cut your PVC pipe in lengths of 80cm. Try to go as straight across as possible. I used a hand and a foot to keep mine steady, but a clamp or a friend would work just as well. Mark a line for the handle portion 19cm up from one end.
  2. With a box cutter or something similar, cut your pool noodle in lengths of 60cm. I also had to split mine in two instead of just down the middle because the centre hole was too small for the pipe to slide in.
  3. Using the end of a pipe, mark a circle on top of the stress balls and carve out a hole. You want the pipes to fit inside them until there's only about a centimetre of foam covering the end.
  4. Cut out a cylinder of car wash foam using a piece of pool noodle for a template. My sponge was about 5-6cm thick, which makes for a nice pad for the end of your pompfen.

Step 2: Glue and Tape Together

5. Wrap some hockey tape around the handle part of of your pipe. Make sure to keep track of where your measurements are under the tape.
6. Spread glue down the centre of the noodles and snug them up using hockey tape. If your noodle has a large enough hole, just applying the glue should be enough. I used silicone Liquid Nail because it adheres to a lot of different surfaces and dries flexible.
7. Glue on your stress ball pommel, working the pipe down until your handle measures 20cm, and your tip padding. I used the plastic mesh the stress balls came in and more hockey tape to secure the sponge until the glue set.

Step 3: Coat With Duct Tape

8. Tape the sponge down with hockey tape until the blade portion measures 65cm. Compressing it a bit also helps it to maintain its shape once you start poking people.

9. Cover the blade and pommel with duct tape, and then re-wrap the handle portion to cover the rough ends.

Step 4: Make It Pretty!

With all the different patterns of duct tape available now, you can fancy your pompfen up any way you like. Finish it up and go have fun!