Introduction: Juicebox Dart

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This is how to make a dart launcher out of a juicebox.

Step 1: Materials

What's Needed:
Juicebox with a Straw

Step 2: Bend the Bendy Staw

Bend the bendy straw like in the picture.  You may want to roll it up then unroll it a few times.

Step 3: Curl the Bendy Straw

Twist the bendy straw like in the picture, then untwist it and twist it in the opposite way.  Do this a few times.

Step 4: Bend (Again!) the Bendy Straw

Bend the straw like in the picture.

Step 5: Put the Tip Into the Hole That Is Formed

Take the end of the straw and wrap it around the straw and pull it through the hole that was formed in the last step.

Step 6: Pull Through

Pull the tip all the way through this time until you can't pull it anymore.  You may want to snip off the excess for accuracy when firing.

Step 7: Insert the Straw Into the Box

Put the straw into the box and push it in up to the knot.

Step 8: Stomp!

Stomp the box in a manner that will not block the straw.

Step 9: Be Careful!

Please be careful with this.  This could put somone's eye out.  I am not responsible for any damages that come about by the use of this device
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