Introduction: Jungle Diorama

About: Lazy engineer.

This is a build by my daughter, so I'll let her take over from here and tell you how she did it.


I'm Edith. I'm 8.

There's a competition at school. We have to make the best model of a rain forest.

I'm excited to show everyone. I'm sure they'll be excited, because it's made from things in our garden. I'll be able to tell everyone about it.

Everybody who takes them in on time might win. They can get a medal.



Cardboard box

Wooden square


Black Pen






Darkest black paint ever


School glue


Real tree branches

Glue gun with really hot glue

Toy jaguar


Step 1: Cutting the Fluffies

We got some fluffies (dad: styrofoam) out of the recycle bin, and called dad a dirty critter! And then I started to freeze, because it's winter, so I ran back into dad's garage.

We drew lines across a bit of wood so we knew where to cut it. The bit of wood was for the centre of the Earth!

We cut it by following the lines with a saw.

Step 2: Stick the Fluffies to the Wood

I painted the big wooden square with glue. I painted with a brush, then connected the parts together. And then we put a heavy thing on to squish it.

Step 3: Stick Cardboard Back On

We found some cardboard in the garage. We cut it out then put glue at the side of the fluffies. We attached the cardboard on the glue.

Daddy connected it together with a stapler.

And then we went inside and did what we wanted to do, so the glue could dry.

Step 4: Make the River

We went back to the garage and drew the river on. We cut it out and rubbed it with sandpaper.

Step 5: Stick Leaves On

This is when we were making our own glue.

First we put some water in the bowl. The we sprinkled some stuff in to make wallpaper paste. We mixed it. Every time daddy put some more of the stuff in, I mixed it the other way.

And then we got some leaves from the garden and stuck the leaves on. We filled all the areas with leaves and at the bottom.

We had to put some teeny sticks on because the edge of some leaves were a bit curly.

Step 6: Paint the Cardboard Black

Then we painted the cardboard box black. We can't paint the leaves black though.

We painted it black so it couldn't have been noticed.

Step 7: Put the Rocks On

We went into the garden to get some rocks, but those rocks were too big so we went into the garage and got some small ones.

And then we put some glue in the gap below, then stuck some teeny rocks on. We covered all the glue.

Step 8: Put Glue in the River

We put our model on top of a paint bucket. There's plastic underneath to stop glue dripping all over the table, otherwise it'll make a big big gooey mess.

We put all the glue on top and once that is dry it'll turn see-through.

Then we waited for a little bit.

Step 9: Putting on the Trees

We piled a bunch of sticks on some newspaper. We stuck some hot glue on them, and attached them to the cardboard box. The glue will dry very quickly. We put all the trees at the side of the cardboard box.

And then we added some more trees that weren't at the side, that were standing by their-selves, and weren't leaning against anything, like a real tree.

Then we put a toy jaguar in the rain-forest, coming out to drink some of the water.

We put some bushes around it like it was sneaking through the bushes making sure the prey wasn't close.

The end.

And now we're writing about the story! Good-bye diary.

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