Introduction: K'nex Gun - Quite Powerful!

This is a gun I made last night after looking at some other K'nex guns. I made it out of imagination! :D It has a 'bullet lock' which keeps the bullet in the gun whilst moving etc.

Step 1: Constructing the Hammer

Step 2: Making the Barrel

The barrel is also used as the 'bullet lock'.

Needed to make:
- 14 dark grey 'ends'
- 2 light grey pieces (the ones with 2 connector bits)
- 1 long red piece

Step 3: The Handle

Needed to make:
- 2 orange pieces (with opposite 2 connectors)
- 2 long yellow pieces
- 2 red 3-connector pieces
- 2 short white pieces

Step 4: Making the 'Trigger'

Parts needed to make:
- 1 orange piece
- 1 long yellow piece
- 1 long red piece

Step 5: Adding the Pieces Together

Step 6: Adding the Rubber Bands

Step 7: How to Use (With the Little Green Pieces As Ammo)